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Access to the school interface

you are a school

1- After you have registered for free on the site, ask us to upgrade your account, via the Contact page > Object: Request to upgrade to a school account (specify the email of the account to be upgraded)

2- Within 24 hours, return to your account. You will find your unique and permanent school code. Give the latter to your 'students'.

3- The list of 'students' who have entered this code in their profile will be displayed in your account.

You have access to their progress reports. At any time, 'students' can be added to your list using your school code.

you are a student

1- After creating your account on the site, enter your school code on the 'My Account' page, in the 'school code' field.

Your account is linked to that of this organization. You can start using the MCQ in its free version. Your organization manager will upgrade your account to a full account as soon as possible.

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