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Alcohol, when taken simultaneously with drugs, may:

Alcohol, when taken simultaneously with drugs, may: ? Training

intensify effects of drugs

Analysis of accidents involving the human factor in aviation shows that: ? Exam

analysis of accidents involving human factor in aviation shows that there hardly ever a single cause responsible

Stress effect: ? MCQ

stress effect differs from one pilot to another each person has a their own management mode of stressors he encounters
experience may lead to an excess of confidence
skill the ability to successfully perform a task after training pratice
the most dangerous characteristic of an erroneous mental perception is that it is frequently extremely resistant to correction
workload essentially depends on the current situation expertise of pilot the ergonomics of cockpit
drinking alcohol 1 increases judgment2 reduces vision under strong light3 increases self confidence4 increases error rate 2 3 4
fatigue 1 increases reaction time2 leads to errors due to inattention3 not workload related4 accumulates over timethe combinaison of correct statement is 2 4
fatigue may decrease performance
the best prevention against stress during a flight for you to stay in a situation that you familiar with within limits of your savoir faire
performance can be improved under moderate stress
accidents are mainly caused lack of proper judgment
concerning effects of drugs on pilot's performance the primary the side effects have to be considered
central vision enables details is sensitive to colors
peripheral vision is sensitive to movement changes in brightness
which of following statements true stressors accumulate thus increasing likelihood of exhaustion
the human eye has both horizontal vertical field of view (fov) of approximately 2 3
the human circadian rhythm based on a cycle of about 24 hours
colour blindness color blindness can be subtle detectable only using specific tests

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