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What type of clouds are associated with rain showers ?

What type of clouds are associated with rain showers ? ? Training

cumulus congestus the cumulonimbus

You are looking at the cloud below, a group of people located at point 'A' can expect, in the near future, ..... ? Exam

you are looking at cloud below a group of people located at point 'a' can expect in near future showers of rain or hail

The hail falls from the following cloud: ? MCQ

the hail falls from following cloud cumulonimbus
what clouds bring showers large cumulus cumulonimbus
what type of clouds are associated with snow nimbostratus
the cloud type usually associated with steady rain is nimbostratus
when steady rain encountered in flight it can cause low stratus or fog to form below aircraft
the taf weather is the forecast weather report at an aerodrome
cavok means
when taking off pilot can expect a headwind
the unit used to express wind speed in aeronautical weather messages charts knot
the metar weather is the actual weather report at an aerodrome
when weather report predicts that dew point outisde air temperature will soon be equal you can expect fog
on weather charts isotherm a line that connects points of equal temperature
cloud heights in canadian aerodrome forecasts (taf) are given in feet agl
the forecast surface wind will be included in a gfa if it has a sustained speed of at least kt 2
a metar describes weather observed at a station at time of report
an automatic terminal information service (atis) can be used rpa pilots to obtain following information wind direction runway in use
the curves that connect point of equal pressure are usually drawn at intervals of hpa isobars 4
tafs (terminal area forecasts) are prepared up to 4 times a day can be valid to a maximum of thirty hours

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