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A straight line on a chart 20 cm long represents 54 NM. The scale of this chart is approximately: ? Training

5 54 nm x 1 852 = 100 km 100 km x 1000 = 100 000 m 100 000 m x 100 = 10 000 000 cm 10 000 000 cm / 20 cm = 500 000

A straight line on a chart 20 cm long represents 27 NM. The scale of this chart is approximately: ? Exam

a straight line on a chart 20 cm long represents 27 nm the scale of this chart approximately 25 27 nm x 1 852 = 50 km 50 km x 1000 = 50 000 m 50 000 m x 100 = 5 000 000 cm 5 000 000 cm / 20 cm = 250 000

1 NM is equal to : ? MCQ

1 nm equal to 852 km
1 statute mile equal to 6 9 km
at request of pilot vhf direction finding stations normally provide a homing service on a pre selected tower or fss frequency
pressure altitude 5 500 feetoutside air temperature (oat) +15cindicated airspeed (ias) 100 kt assuming indicated airspeed (ias) equal to calibrated airspeed (cas) true airspeed (tas) would be closest to kt
what the magnetic track from oshawa (cyoo) to lindsay (cnf4) 2
wind 250t at 20 kt true air speed 105 kt track 010tusing above information computed heading groundspeed en route oshawa to lindsay nearest to 2 m 4 kt
en route from oshawa to lindsay you pass through cya 520(t) you must be more alert for civilian flight training activity
the estimated flight time from lindsay to gananoque at 5 500 feet with a groundspeed of 100 kt nearest to note add an extra 2 minutes each 1 000 feet of climb hour 2 minutes
the highest obstacle within 5 nm either side of your track from lindsay to gananoque is 6 feet asl
while on track abeam peterborough you wish to obtain latest weather kingston to get some indication of what conditions will be at gananoque what would be most appropriate station frequency to call this information toronto/buttonville radio 26 7 mhz
your aircraft crosses town of bridgenorth (n4423'w7823') at 1810z at 1822z your aircraft over town of norwood (n4423' w7759') your eta at gananoque airport will be closest to 9 4z
you note your position north of track over town of marlbank (n4426'w7705') using opening closing angles method you would alter heading to right 5
what class of airspace would you be flying through when your aircraft at 5 500 asl over marlbank (n4426' w7705') e
with vor receiver tuned to coehill vor (n4440' w7750') when you are over town of marlbank (n4426' w7705') cdi should be centred with a 'from' indication when obs 23
due to poor weather you decide to divert to kingston (cygk) but you become disoriented lost to help you find airport kingston fss could provide you with a test leisure df steer vdf (vhf direction finder) on 122 5
what class of airspace cyr 507 located 3 nm east of kingston (cygk) airporttest leisure f cya canadian class f airspace advisory area cyd canadian class f airspace danger area cyr canadian class f airspace restricted are
the reported ceiling 1 000 feet broken visibility 4 miles to remain vfr an aircraft cleared to circuit must join at 5 feet below cloud base
the smaller arc of equator intercepted between prime meridian the meridian of a place a definition of longitude

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