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The south end of a runway oriented north and south is numbered ... ? Training


If a heading of 250°M maintains your outbound track of 242°M, the required heading to maintain the reciprocal track back to your departure point would be ... ? Exam

if a heading of 250m maintains your outbound track of 242m required heading to maintain reciprocal track back to your departure point would be 54m

Select the correct statements regarding the aerodrome information.A. Circuits are right hand on runway 13 and 20.B. Aircraft radio controlled aerodromelighting is availab ? MCQ

select correct statements regarding aerodrome information a circuits are right hand on runway 13 20 b aircraft radio controlled aerodromelighting available c there are papi lights on both runway 31 13 d customs service available e the control zone extends 7 nm f there an fss at aerodrome g aviation gasoline available study aircraft a b d g
calculate fuel requirement using above information average fuel consumption 5 5 gph total flight time 1 hour 30 minutesadd 4 gallons taxi take off climb 4 gal
one minute of latitude equal to one nautical mile
the large bold number '18' southeast of peterborough airport represents the given quadrangle study aircraft highest terrain plus 328 ft or highest known obstruction whichever higher
the hypsometric tinting on chart indicates that between lindsay norwood airports flight will be conducted over a ground elevation between study aircraft sea level ft
the highest obstacle within 5 nm either side of your track from lindsay to norwood ft asl study aircraft 6
the dashed circle around peterborough represents a(n) study aircraft control zone
approaching norwood you decide to get latest weather kingston what would be most appropriate station frequency to callstudy aircraft london 26 7 mhz frame comm rco london rdo 126 7 (fise) fise flight information service en route
when a vfr flight plan has been filed no search rescue time has been specified in flight plan pilot in command shall file an arrival report with appropriate ats unit not later than hour after last reported eta
due to deteriorating weather you decide to divert to kingston (n4413' w7635') but you become disoriented to assist in locating airport kingston fss could give you a study aircraft df steer
choose statement that describes acronym 'vor' a short range navigation aid providing continuous 36 degree data
indicate satellite constellations compatible with gnss satellite navigation receivers gps glonass galileo beidou
what the magnetic variation at gatineau (casino) qc (heli)study aircraft 4 deg w
what class of airspace does dashed line around calgary international airport representstudy aircraft c class airspace
refer to canada flight supplement extract the heliport at st jerome (hydro quebec) que you will be conducting operations at st jerome heliport who should you contact permission to operate at heliportstudy aircraft hydro quebec at 5 4 346 755
in southern domestic airspace used to determine cruising altitude direction of flight magnetic track
in northern domestic airspace used to determine cruising altitude direction of flight true track
where can you find appropriate frequencies in vicinity of an uncontrolled aerodrome in canada flight supplement (cfs)

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