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If a MF is in use, pilots departing VFR shall monitor that frequency until ? Training

beyond specified distance or altitude

A pilot is cleared to taxi to the runway in use without a hold short clearance. To get there, the aircraft must cross two taxiways and one runway. This authorizes the pil ? Exam

a pilot cleared to taxi to runway in use without a hold short clearance to get there aircraft must cross two taxiways one runway this authorizes pilot to taxi to the runway in use but further clearance required to cross other runway

Ground control authorizes 'GOLF ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE TAXI RUNWAY 29 HOLD SHORT OF RUNWAY 04'. The pilot should acknowledge this by replying 'GOLF ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE TO ? MCQ

ground control authorizes 'golf alpha bravo charlie taxi runway 29 hold short of runway 04' the pilot should acknowledge this replying 'golf alpha bravo charlie to hold short of 4'
when a clearance an 'immediate take off' accepted pilot shall taxi onto runway take off in one continuous movement
a pilot flying a heading of 270 receives following from atc 'traffic 2 o'clock 5 miles eastboun this information indicates traffic is 6 to right altitude unknown
a pilot receives following atc clearance 'cleared to land turn right at the first intersection' the pilot should land turn off at nearest intersection possible commensurate with safety
the radiotelephone distress signal to indicate serious and/or imminent danger requiring immediate assistance is mayday mayday mayday
the radiotelephone urgency signal to indicate a condition concerning safety of an aircraft vehicle or of some person on board which does not require immediate assistance is pan pan pan pan pan pan
what should be included along with call sign of aircraft time to indicate cancellation of a distress message mayday(once) hello all stations (three times) this is (the call sign of station transmitting message filing time of message call sign of station in distress (once)) seelonce feenee out
a departing flight will normally remain on tower frequency until clear of control zone
you advise atc that you are on downwind leg if there other traffic in circuit atc will then inform you of your number in approach sequence or other appropriate instructions
a radio equipped aircraft has been cleared to land at a controlled airport the pilot should acknowledge clearance by transmitting aircraft call sign
an initial call to timmins fss should be 'timmins radio this is '
a responsibility of a flight information center (fic) specialist to provide flight planning services
notams are available at all flight information centres (fic)
a new or replacing notam without term 'est' valid until end time quoted in notam
the term 'est' in end time in a new or replacing notam means notam valid until a cancelling (notamc) or replacing (notamr) issued
atc advises that your radio transmissions are readability three this means that your transmissions are readable with difficulty
an arriving vfr flight shall make initial radio contact with control tower prior to entering a control zone
an aircraft on a special vfr flight has been cleared a 'straight in' approach because of low ceiling poor visibility pilot concerned about exact location of a radio mast in vicinity avoiding this obstruction the responsibility of pilot

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