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An aircraft's 121.5 MHz ELT may be switched to transmit for test purposes anytime ? Training

during first 5 minutes of any hour utc

Before shutting down you can verify that the aircraft's ELT is not transmitting by ? Exam

before shutting down you can verify that aircraft's elt not transmitting by listening on 2 5 mhz a signal

What does the abbreviation 'ELT' stand for? ? MCQ

what does abbreviation 'elt' stand for emergency locator transmitter
all accidental elt activations should be reported to the nearest ats unit
choose sentence that best describes expression 'non controlled airport' the aerodrome circuit described in pro section of canada flight supplement
in southern domestic airspace runway 27 at an aerodrome would have a bearing of approximately 27 ºm
no pilot shall take off from or land at an aerodrome at night unless the aerodrome lighted as prescribed the minister
an airport is a certified aerodrome
a dry transport canada standard wind direction indicator when horizontal indicates a wind speed of at least 5 kt
no person shall operate any vehicle on any part of an uncontrolled airport used the movement of aircraft except in accordance with permission from the operator of airport
runways taxiways or portions thereof that are closed to aircraft are marked by white 'x on runways yellow 'x on taxiways
the west end of a runway oriented east west numbered 9
where taxiway holding positions have not been established aircraft waiting to enter an active runway should normally hold 2 ft from edge of runway
the manoeuvring area of an airport that area used taxiing taking off landing
except the purpose of taking off or landing an aircraft shall not be flown over an aerodrome at a height of less than 2 feet agl
if cleared take off immediately following very low approach overshoot of a large aircraft pilot should decline take off clearance inform atc of reason non acceptance
when an arriving aircraft cleared 'to circuit' pilot should interpret this to mean join circuit on downwind leg at circuit height
when a nordo aircraft crosses an airport the purpose of obtaining landing information it should maintain at least 5 feet above circuit height
an aircraft 'cleared to circuit' where a left hand circuit in effect without further approval from atc a right turn may be made to join cross wind or a partial right turn to join downwind leg
when instructed to continue an approach to a runway which clear of traffic what action should pilot take if no landing clearance received request landing clearance

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