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A non-cantilever wing is:

A non-cantilever wing is: ? Training

a wing supported braces or a strut connected to fuselage

The advantage of mounting the horizontal stabilizer at the top of the vertical stabilizer is ..... ? Exam

the advantage of mounting horizontal stabilizer at top of vertical stabilizer to remove it from influence of turbulence due to wing the propeller

The illumination of the green landing gear light indicates that the landing gear is: ? MCQ

the illumination of green landing gear light indicates that landing gear is locked down
an under inflated tyre will experience increased wear at shoulders
a red or an amber light on an undercarriage position indicator signifies at least one wheel in travelling or unlocked condition
if an aeroplane stalls while descending in a co ordinated left turn it may enter an incipient left spin
the manoeuvring speed an aeroplane the maximum speed at which full travel of flight controls may be used without exceeding design load factor
if ice has accumulated on an aerofoil in flight stalling speed will increase in all flight conditions
the indicated stalling speed of an aeroplane does not change with change of altitude
the stalling speed of an aeroplane is greater in a co ordinated turn than in straight level flight
the use of low octane fuel in a high compression engine may result in detonation
if one magneto should fail on an engine equipped with dual ignition a slight loss of power would result
the use of carburettor heat will decrease manifold pressure enrich mixture
under which conditions would most serious carburettor icing be expected outside air temperature range of humidity 5c to 5c high
it possible carburettor icing to occur in clear air with high relative humidity at above freezing temperatures
prolonged idling of an aircraft engine would most likely cause fouled plugs
ground effect will enable an aeroplane to become airborne below normal flying speed primarily due to a decrease in induced drag
the correct height above sea level indicated on a pressure altimeter set to 29 92 in hg only when the conditions of a standard atmosphere exist
the altimeter setting 29 70 in hg if pilot inadvertently sets 30 70 in hg on altimeter subscale altimeter will read ft too high
if you are looking at a featureless sky during hazy or dark conditions your eyes will tend to focus at a point approximately ft away 3 to 5

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