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What is the minimum number of GNSS/GPS satellites required to obtain an accurate 2D position fix?

What is the minimum number of GNSS/GPS satellites required to obtain an accurate 2D position fix? ? Training


What are the effects, if any, of shadowing by parts of the aircraft (e.g. wings) on the reception of signals from GNSS/GPS satellites? ? Exam

what are effects if any of shadowing parts of aircraft (e g wings) on reception of signals from gnss/gps satellites it may prevent reception of signals

VHF (Very High Frequency) waves appear in the frequency spectrum: ? MCQ

vhf (very high frequency) waves appear in frequency spectrum 3 mhz 3 mhz
radio waves travel at the speed of light
radio waves travel at a speed of 3 km/s
a position located east of prime meridian south of equator is east longitude south latitude
to bring an air mass to moisture saturation its temperature must be decreased or its pressure reduced
after sunset in most cases low layers of atmosphere are very stable
the conversion of water from a gas into a liquid called condensation
in standard atmosphere pressure at sea level 3 25 hpa
at mid latitudes in average conditions average height of tropopause about m (36 ft)
tropopause has usually a greater vertical altitude above equator than above poles
at an altitude of 5 000 feet according to standard atmosphere temperature 5c pressure 85 hpa
immediately above tropopause there the stratosphere
a pilot exposed to s under his canopy receives heat by radiation
the convection phenomena most intense during summer afternoon
the process which liquid water transformed directly into gaseous state known as vaporisation
the minimum temperature during a day reached approximately shortly after sunrise the temperature falls continuously until a little after sunrise the lowest temperature occurs at about sunrise plus 30 minutes
regarding standard atmosphere pressure gradient as you rise in altitude corresponds to a pressure decrease of hpa per 28 ft
at night lower layers of atmosphere are heated mainly by ground

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